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Hairstories was inspired by small group of hairdressers (& non-hairdressers) with the unique ability to do what they do the best. We weren’t a salon first, or a retail line or a brand - we were a team, a team who, together, knew they had something more to bring to the industry. 
Although at peak times it may seem difficult to get an appointment with us but our grass roots approach to building our team takes time and patience. We build our team members from the ground up. We don't higher hairdressers with existing clientele and bad habits - we build up their skill set and their confidence with a multitude internal and external classes, seminars and countless hours of apprenticeship and practice. This unique approach ensures that you will get the standard of service no matter what stylist you schedule your appointment with.
We hold continuing education workshops on a regular basis to ensure each team member gets a solid foundation when they start. We are audit our education process to improve on it and our senior team is constantly incorporating new techniques, methods and ideas to keep everyone fresh.
We love to connect with other industry professionals so all of our classes are open to licensed hair stylists.