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Weft Maintainence

every 4 - 6 weeks you need to schedule a
Quick Tighten Appointment: 
During this appointment we will clean up your and tighten tracks. Replace any worn out beads. Brush out any matting or shed. If you wait too loo in between quick tighten appointments we will need to fully reinstall your tracks. 
Pre booking is encouraged. Cost: $50 & up 
every 3-4 months you need to schedule a
Reinstallation Appointment: 
During this appointment we will remove your tracks and reinstall everything. This gives us the ability to reposition any track if needed.
Pre booking is encouraged. Cost: $150 & up

every 6-12 months you should
Replace your hair:
Washing, drying & styling your new wefts take a toll on them and they do have a shelf life. We recommend replacing your hair during this time frame for the best results. This also give you a chance to change up your style or color.  
Home Maintenance:
  • Brush hair morning and night, when brushing make sure you are holding your extensions at the root (seam)
  • When washing hair make sure to wash above and below wefts
  • Sleep with your hair in a low ponytail or braid
  • Never go to bed with a wet head
  • Sleeping on a silk pillow case is not a requirement but will be beneficial in preventing knotting and matting while sleeping 
Products Recommendations: 
  • Sulfate free shampoo to ensure your color will be protected 
  • Hydrating conditioner to ensure your extensions will stay hydrated 
  • Leave-in conditioner for when your hair is wet
  • Silicone or oil-based product for the days you do not wash and your ends need a little extra moisture