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Pricing + Stylist Levels

Our pricing is determined by a few factors*, the most critical being the stylist's experience level. Descriptions are explained below: 

  • Assistant: Every stylist is hired into this position. Intensive training to learn how to assist our senior staff with their clients. May either have NYS Cosmetology license or working towads it. Assistants don't take their own clients yet, they are working towards understanding key Hairstories concepts and procedures. 

  • Stylist in Training $: Eventually once our assistants have proven understanding of fundamental Hairstories methods, they move on to their technical styling, cutting & coloring training. Early on during this time stylists are bringing in their friends and familiy members to get behind the the chair experience in benchmark styles, haircuts, color formulation and application strategies. Stylists also have to pass color theory testings. They work towards building their social media precense and their portfolio. Eventually after demonstrated experience their time will be offered to salon clients. All services are overseen by mangers or senior stylists.  

  • Stylist I $$: Once stylists have completed the necessary behind the chair experience which consists services in styling, cutting, coloring & highlighting in over 100 different applications they graduate to Stylist I. By this time stylists have a substantial portfolio and they have traded out most of their days assisting our senior stylists for days on the floor taking their own clients. They begin to rely less on advice from senior stylists as they become more confident in making their own decisions. 

  • Stylist II $$$: By this time stylsits have been taking their own clients regularly and have developed their own style and have built a consistent clientele. More advanced concepts are starting to be second nature. Stylists in this level often start to have a waitlist and prebooking is recommended. 

  • hs.Stylist $$$$: Stylists at this level have a proven reputation. They have become mentors to newer stylists and have fully understood the culture and principles at Hairstories. To achieve this level stylists have to hit business checkpoints and be voted in by mangement. This is an elite group of hairstylists. 
*other factors affecting pricing includes length and texture of hair, amount of product used, etc.