The eclectic team that started it all...

Family, best friends and the four partners who started the story, they not only have a passion for hair, but the people they take care of.

Cher and Tommy are masters of their craft who have been in the industry for over 20 years. They continuously strive to better themselves as stylists, and use their platform to lead in the industry by providing education to stylists both in and our of Hairstories. 

Chase and Dayna are brother and sister duo who met Cher and Tommy early on in their career. Dayna a natural born artist has an affinity to know how to make any esthetic perfect. She is equal parts stylist and colorist and if you've ever been in her chair you know she's a great time.

Chase is the brains behind the business and has the innate ability to connect with clients and ability to bring people and practices into the salon to constantly develop the salon experience. 

Our team started with these four but definitely doesn't end there. Over the years we have cultivated team members who became family and we cannot wait to meet you all!