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  • Jennifer Stylist In Training
  • Erika Business Managment
  • Shannon Salon Coordinator
  • Jae Stylist in Training
  • Kara Stylist in Training
  • Jamie Stylist in Training
  • Sam Stylist in Training II
  • Melissa Salon Coordinator
  • Victoria Stylist in Training
  • Frankie Stylist In Training II
  • Cher hs.Stylist
  • Thomas hs.Colorist
  • Dayna hs.Stylist
  • Toni Stylist II
  • Gina hs.Stylist
  • Mary Stylist II
  • Daniella Stylist II
  • Andrea hs.Stylist
  • Jessica Stylist I
  • Ashley Stylist I
  • Trevor Stylist I
  • Dominique Manager - Babylon
  • Julianne Manager - Bridal
  • Chase Director of Business Development