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About Hairstories

Hairstories was inspired by group of hairdressers (& non-hairdressers) with the unique ability to do what they do the best. We weren’t a salon first, or a retail line or a brand - we were a team, a team who, together, had all the pieces to create beautiful hairstories.

Our beginning was a bit was a bit of a blur, just a few days after we had signed our lease for the Babylon location, Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast. Among some are the hardest hit areas where our beautiful Long Island Beaches which are cherished by our team, friends & clients alike. Most of people in our area were without power, hot water & homes for months. While our new salon was not renovated (and not nearly ready for the public) we did have heat and hot water so we decided to open our doors anyway so our clients could escape for just a few minutes and get away from their tragedy at home. We continued this way building our team, our salon, our skills & our reputation.

Over the next year we honed in on one of our signature services: hair painting. No, we didn’t do it first, but we realized that sometimes you can re-invent the wheel. We saw it, loved it and made it our own. It’s our way to illustrate someone’s hairstory. We have a cult following for this service that is beyond anything that we could have ever imagined. Our reputation for providing remarkable hair services created an overwhelming demand our brand in general.
Our consultation process (which is where our name originated) is unique in the fact that we want to know each client’s hair history, maintenance routine & goals – their hairstory. Getting to know our client’s in that personal, hair-focused way gives us the ability to truly provide a service tailored to the individual. As with the services we provide in the salon, we use and recommend products based on each individual’s hairstory and physical needs and consider our hair care line as a collection of writer’s tools. Our writers tools are cleverly named and targeted to a need with an abundance of education so our clients can easily re-create what we do in the salon at home. 
In Nomember 2015, on the 3rd anniversary of opening Babylon, we signed a lease for a beautiful, sundrenched space in picturesque Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was always in our plan to bring our team closer to NYC to be exposed to a fresh cleintele where we can learn and gain inspriation from. Some of our team members even made the move to Brooklyn because they fell in love with the energy. No matter what location you choose you can expect the same standard of service because our team splits their schedule and spans both locations! 

Although at peak times it may seem difficult to get an appointment with us but our grass roots approach to building our team takes time and patience. We build our team members from the ground up. We don't higher hairdressers with existing clientele and bad habits - we build up their skill set and their confidence with a multitude internal and external classes, seminars and countless hours of apprenticeship and practice. This unique approach ensures that you will get the standard of service no matter what stylist you schedule your appointment with.

We look forward to creating the next chapter of your hairstory.