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Dayna Ognibene

hs.Stylist (5+ Years)

Specializing in Balayage, Long & Short Hair Styling

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It was always apparent that Dayna was extremely creative with her background as an artist. With her dedication and artistic background Dayna’s work quickly gained the respect of her colleagues and management. Dayna’s superior confidence in cutting and coloring has gained her a great deal of respect from her loyal clientele. The demand that Dayna has created for her hair cutting and coloring services extends well beyond a 4-week waiting list.

Dayna is credited as one of the founder’s of our salon brand, Hairstories. She has been integral in our salon education, retail support, branding & culture. A major focus at Hairstories is our consultation process. She has an eye for it, she knows what she’s doing and she can explain why with confidence. With the skills she has cultivated over the years working in her role at Hairstories, Dayna continues to prove to be invaluable member of our team. Wella IC Educator Top Pick
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Working Hours

Day From To Location
Monday N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday 12pm 10pm Babylon
Wednesday 12pm 10pm Babylon
Thursday 12pm 10pm Babylon
Friday 11am 7pm Park Slope
Saturday N/A N/A N/A
Sunday N/A N/A N/A

Service Prices

Service Price
Women's Haircut $68.00
Men's Haircut $42.00
Blowdry $36.00
Formal Style $100.00
Base Color Touch Up $60.00
Glaze $60.00
Glaze w/ Highlights $20.00
Partial Painting $150.00
Full Painting $200.00
NEW CLIENT Balayage/Hair Painting with Finish $256.00