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Mary Moran hs.Stylist
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Mary began her training at Hairstories where she was one of our first hires after our opening. Mary’s willingness to learn and ability to lead quickly made her a shoo-in as the leader in our next wave of new talent. During the first few years of Mary’s time at Hairstories she focused on mastering both foundational techniques and two signature services that Hairstories became synonymous with – our blow dry & our hair painting.

While Mary draws much of her inspiration from her co-workers, she is also influenced by her client’s lifestyle. Mary’s main focus is to design a look that they can easily maintain on their own. Mary makes sure to include a styling lesson in each and every one of her appointments so they can feel confident to recreate the look at home.

Since it’s inception, one of Hairstories’ founding principles has been to cultivate new talent and not inherit established hairstylists with existing clienteles and bad habits. Mary continues to exceed her goals each and every quarter and her growth and accomplishments as a hairstylist is a true testament to our thought process when we started the company.

Signature Hair Painting, Hairstories
Razor Mastery, Wella NYC
Foil Craft, Wella NYC
Bridal Styling, Wella NYC
Cut and Color with The Doves, Wella NYC Mustafa’s Workshop, Miami, FL DCI Education Mentor Program
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Working Hours

Day From To Location
Monday 4pm 10pm Babylon
Tuesday N/A N/A N/A
Wednesday 12pm 10pm Park Slope
Thursday 12pm 10pm Babyon
Friday 11am 6pm Babylon
Saturday 9am 5pm Babylon
Sunday N/A N/A N/A

Service Prices

Service Price
Women's Haircut $68.00
Men's Haircut $42.00
Blowdry $36.00
Formal Style $100.00
Base Color Touch Up $60.00
Glaze $60.00
Glaze w/ Highlights $25.00
Face Frame Foil $100.00
Crown Foil $150.00
Full Foil $200.00
Partial Painting $150.00
Full Painting $200.00
NEW CLIENT Balayage/Hair Painting with Finish $261.00