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Andrea Albaneze

hs.Stylist (5+ Years)

Specializing in Balayage, Foiling, Long & Short Hair Styling

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Andrea has been a hairstylist for 10 years, and being a member of the Hairstories team since it’s inception, her style an ideology contributed to development of the brand. Andrea is passionate about helping her clients become their best self. A great hairstyle will not only transform how you look, but will help you discover something that is completely and uniquely “you”. Andrea’s hair inspiration comes from photography, film, fashion, and most of all, her clients themselves. She enjoys getting to know her clients. Your style, profession, interests and lifestyle all inspire her on how to match your hairstory with your personal story. She loves when a client challenges her to create something new, or when someone is open to change, working with them to create something they love showing off. Andrea is very calculated and she views hair like a math equation. Adding and taking away, until as she achieves the right balance and look.
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Working Hours

Day From To Location
Monday N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday 12pm 10pm Babylon
Wednesday 12pm 10pm Babylon
Thursday 12pm 10pm Park Slope
Friday 11am 6pm Babylon
Saturday 9am 5pm Babylon
Sunday N/A N/A N/A

Service Prices

Service Price
Women's Haircut $68.00
Men's Haircut $42.00
Blowdry $36.00
Base Color Touch Up $60.00
Glaze $60.00
Glaze w/ Highlights $20.00
Face Frame Foil $100.00
Crown Foil $150.00
Full Foil $200.00
Partial Painting $150.00
Full Painting $200.00
NEW CLIENT Balayage/Hair Painting with Finish $256.00