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  • Anonymous
    I booked Hairstories with Chase for hair and makeup in my home for my wedding day. I had never used them prior and also had opted to not do a trial; I had little doubt because of reviews I had read and research I had done. (Also residing in Babylon). The morning of, Holly (for makeup) , Mary & Gina (for hair) came right on time. I had expected it to be great, but it was beyond that. They're all SO amazing!!! Myself, 4 other woman and my 3 year old niece, looked perfect and beautiful. I couldn't imagine it being any different or any better. Both the makeup and hair stayed flawless for the entire time. (Starting at 6:30am and being out and about until after 10pm!) Such a wonderful experience that made my day all that more special!! I'd highly recommend them going forward, for any event!
  • Anonymous
    I have to say my experience with hairstories on my wedding day was beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. Gina was just amazing. All my girls told me how beautiful they felt with their hair done. The best part is, I know it is hard to look at a picture of yourself and not be overly critical and unhappy with how you look. Thanks to Gina and her suggestions and flexibility to my hairstyle, I can look at all the pictures that were taken on my wedding day and I know I look so pretty! Thats an amazing feeling! I don't think I can ever thank you enough for such beautiful work, but your service to me and my ladies will always be remembered everytime I look at my wedding pictures. That alone is priceless. Thank you hairstories and especially Gina! Pictures will follow soon!
  • Kristina A
    Hi Chase, Thank you and your team so much for making my bridal party look beautiful! They truly loved the way they looked and the experience was amazing.
  • Natalie H
    I'll start by saying that I usually don't frequent salons like this and grew up going to Spanish salons. This was my first time going to this type of salon and even before I walked in I was excited and impressed.  When I called to make an appt the receptionist was friendly and professional. You are sent a text reminder of your appt as well.  When I got there, everyone seemed warm, friendly amongst a professional upbeat environment. I was offered coffee or a drink and my coat to be checked in. Then I was tended to right away.  Mary was my stylist and she gave me an honest consultation and we came up with a plan for the cut I wanted. Mind you- I never really "cut or style" my hair, so I was a little nervous. The whole experience was great from the friendly hair washer, to the pleasant conversation throughout the haircut with Mary. She even took the time to teach  me how to style my hair for when I go home to do it myself. It's safe to say I will be returning and requesting Mary again
  • Susan D
    Really like this hair salon. Has an urban feel. Has late hours to accommodate for commuters into Babylon. Cher has a wonderful reputation which she completely lives up to as a stylist. Everyone who works for her seems to rise to the same standard. Also - this particular location in Babylon Village is located in a spot where I can always find parking! Definitely a plus for Babylon Village!